About CCS

About CCS

CCS Energie-advies (CCS)

is an energy consultancy that initiates and advises on projects in the field of energy. Key concepts in the CCS work area are: heat, CHP and biogas. Our mission is to realize profitable energy solutions through an innovative approach. CCS is therefore continuously developing and improving new and innovative applications. CCS offers a complete solution for your energy problem and also ensures the implementation of the chosen solution during the entire project. From requesting quotations and subsidies to construction supervision or management and aftercare.

Our Organization

CCS is an organization with an informal atmosphere with a literal open door policy. The colleagues are open to questions from one another, while working together with a lot of humor.

In addition, the team is very technically driven and has the innovation in the field of sustainable energy highly valuated. This does not only apply  to their work but their personal values as well.

Mission and vision


CCS believes in sustainability. A sustainable society with sustainable companies. CCS wants to be the player that leads clients towards sustainability. Show what the possibilities are for sustainable business operations. Not a company that only wants to sell sustainable energy (solutions), but one that stands shoulder to shoulder with the client to work together towards sustainability. In this, CCS is looking for the best solution for her client.


The mission of CCS is: Sustainability becomes reality.

Next to attractive plans,  specific actions which lead to sustainable and thus profitable business operations is what CCS aims for.

History of CCS

On the 7th of November 1997, René Cornelissen completed his PhD in industrial energy savings after 4 years, after which he founded CCS on 10th of November 1997. His dissertation was awarded the Dow Energy dissertation prize. The transition from study to CCS was quite easy. Activities started from the old office at the University of Twente. The first employee was hired soon after and the company focused a lot on the Combined Heat and Power solution(CHP), with mainly Healthcare as a branche. This has led to the implementation of a new CHP at the Stoevelaar in Goor, now part of Carint Reggeland, with a large heat buffer. Because of this buffer, the CHP could run much more. After the Stoevelaar, this concept was implemented at other healthcare institutions as well.

After several years, CCS established itself in the Business and Science Park (BTC building) in Enschede. Here the company grew to 5 employees, all of whom came from the University of Twente. In addition to the Healthcare and Built Environment branche, CCS also took on the renewable energy side. CCS was involved in one of the first manure digesters in the Netherlands, at the Gebr. Old Lenferink in Fleringen. After this assignment many projects followed in the field of manure fermentation and manure processing

From here, the switch was made to a private building in the center of Enschede. Here, the number of staff grew to about 6. Here the foundation was laid for the digital tools of CCS. The first version of the digester tool and the tool for the care and utility were developed here. These tools have been further developed into the current biogas scan and MKB energy Checkup scan (dutch only).

In 2006, Deventer was chosen as a more central location in the Netherlands. First on the Welle and since 2017 in our current building at Binnensingel 3 in Deventer. The team has grown to 15 employees and the branches have also been expanded. A major pillar is still the manure fermentation and processing that CCS already focused on from Enschede, now housed in the Agricultural branche. Furthermore, the care and utilities has been extended to the branche of Built Environment and the Industrial branche has been added. In addition to these branches, CCS is also working on innovative solutions within these branches, and offering support to our services by further developing and expanding, among other things, the aforementioned tools.

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