Biogas scan

Biogas scan

Are you interested in a bio-fermentation installation and are you curious about whether it fits within your company? To gain insight into your situation and the feasibility you can use the Biogas scan free of charge.

How does the Biogas scan work?

Two biogas scans are available for you:one for large-scale biogas plants (> 25,000 tons / year) and one for farm scale installations.

In a simple way, you can calculate online the feasibility of a bio-digester in your specific business situation with the correct Biogas scan. The results of the scan include the investment and costs and revenues of the biogas plant for the scenarios heat, CHP and green gas.

If the scan has a positive outcome, and if you are interested in your own biodigester or perhaps you already have plans made, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants. 

Incidentally, the Biogas scan only gives an indication. If the results are negative, this does not mean that a fermentation installation is not profitable. A consultant of CCS Energie-advies can work out your situation and suggest possible solutions which could achieve a positive outcome instead.

Bio Eenergy Farm
Large scale biogas installation

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Bio Eenergy Farm 2
Farm scale biogas installation

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