The interconnection of (mono-)manure digesters offers farmers the opportunity to valorise manure at lower costs and higher returns.
To make optimum use of the high energy potential of manure, CCS Energie-Advies supports livestock farmers in choosing the most cost-effective fermentation technology. We specifically look at collaboration between farmers. By making the biogas produced by several livestock farms together, we create an efficient, profitable and sustainable system: Bio-HUB.

In a Bio-HUB, each participating farmer has its own manure digester that is connected to other manure digesters by a biogas pipeline. These manure digesters supply biogas to one central biogas processing plant. The advantage of one central biogas processing is cost savings on maintenance, consumables, installation costs and by upscaling.

Manure digestion technology

Mono-manure digesters work fully automatically and require little operational effort from the farmer. Such a system consists of a heated reactor with a flexible membrane roof (biogas buffer). It is equipped with a stirrer, pumps and a heating system. To supply the required heat, a wood boiler, biogas boiler or a heat pump is required.

io-HUB mono mestvergister

The digestate (digested manure) contains a lower dry matter content than fresh manure and the farmer, just like manure, can drive on land. Practical experience shows that digestate has no negative effects on the organic matter content in the soil.

Biogas upgrading

Biogas has a higher economic value when it is converted into heat, green gas or electricity. If biogas is supplied directly to the industry, it is suitable to generate heat for production processes. The customer saves natural gas. Another way to value biogas is through a conversion to green gas (Bio-UP). Green gas has the same composition as natural gas and can therefore be pumped into the local natural gas grid. The last option is to convert biogas via a generator (CHP) into electricity and to supply it to the grid. Heat is also released during this process, which is useful for heating purposes.

Advantages of manure digestions on your farm

  • Additional income (2nd branch)
  • Stable return
  • Energy producer
  • Innovation
  • Odeur reduction
  • Nutrient recovery
  • Green energy
  • Manure applications
Production optimization
  • More sustainable dairy and meet [EB1]

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