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The manure surplus in the Netherlands signifies high costs for many livestock farmers. Livestock farmers need to export manure because only a limited amount of nitrogen (N) and phosphate (P2O5) from livestock manure can be applied to the land. CCS Energie-advies develops a solution for dairy farmers with which they can process the manure on a farm scale: Bio-NP.

What is Bio-NP?

The Bio-NP uses minerals and nutrients which are present in the manure in an optimal way. The manure is converted into energy, fertilizer and high-quality struvite granules. The residual product can be applied on your own land for fertilization.

Bio-NP is a solution for farms with accessory pastures or fields

The advantages

Bio-NP processes manure up to 4 fractions, which enable a targeted application and/or discharge

  • Decouple N and P
    Bio-NP converts animal nitrogen (N) into nitrogen-containing fertilizer and phosphate (P) in struvite grains. The advantage is a decrease in manure discharge and the supply of N-fertilizer
  • All organic material remains on the farm
  • You can also dispose of your surplus as nitrogen fertilizer and struvite and therefore there is not need to deposit manure or thick fraction outside the Dutch agriculture.
  • The farm becomes a producer of fertilizers and therefore self-sufficient

The process

The process consists of  4 steps.


The (daily fresh) manure is fermented in a manure digester. A large part of the nitrogen become freely available, the biological bound nitrogen is converted to mineral nitrogen.


Bio-NP separates the digestate (fermented manure) into a thick and thin fraction. The thick fraction is phosphate rich and contains a lot of organic matter. This thick fraction is stored and can be spread on your own land. The thin fraction is further processed.


Struvite granules are made in the struvite reactor with the addition of magnesium. The phosphate-rich and nitrogen-containing struvite can be deposited as a fertilizer.

Nitrogen stripping

By increasing the temperature and pH, the nitrogen is converted into ammonia and comes into the gas phase. The air with ammonia then passes through a gas scrubber, as is also known from pig farming. The liquid nitrogen fertilizer is, depending on the acid used, ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate, a recognized fertilizer. This can be used locally and in its own use space. The effluent, the thin fraction, still contains potassium and a lower concentration of nitrogen and phosphate.

What does it yield?

After the processing of the manure, 4 fractions remain:

  • A potassium-rich thin fraction that still contains a part of the nitrogen and phosphate. This thin fraction is spread out on the own land.
  • A phosphate-rich, high organic matter containing a thick fraction. This thick fraction can also be spread on your own land.
  • A phosphate-rich and nitrogen-containing struvite (grain), which is deposited as fertilizer (no artificial fertilizer) on domestic level or abroad.
  • A liquid nitrogen fertilizer (depending on the acid used, ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate). This is a recognized fertilizer.

Under which circumstances is Bio-NP profitable

  • Bio-NP offers solutions for soil-bound companies with a nitrogen and/or phosphate surplus.
  • Available from 3,000 m³ of manure per year
  • Suitable for up to 20,000 m³ of manure per year
  • Convert up to 65% * of the nitrogen in the manure into artificial fertilizer
  • Processes up to 25% * of the phosphate in the manure into struvite grains
  • Also profitable without surplus* of own fertilizer production.
    * Depending on the feed stock of the installations and contents of the manure.

Would you like to have more information on the Bio-NP?

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