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Biogas upgrading at farm scale


Bio-UP is a technology developed by CCS Energie-advies and Greenmac, to convert biogas on farm scale into green gas. CCS offers this product turn-key and if desired it can also be offered in lease form.

Bio-UP installatie groen gas

Green gas has the same properties as natural gas and can be fed as energy products directly from the Bio-UP into the natural gas grid or be used as transport fuel. The Bio-UP is a proven concept that has been operating at De Marke dairy farm (part of Wageningen Livestock Research) for several years now.

The Bio-UP has been specially developed for biogas upgrading to green gas on a small scale and under low pressure. This keeps the investment costs low! The Bio-UP is delivered ready-made and requires hardly any (daily) maintenance. Moreover, it contributes to the sustainability of your business.

How does the Bio-UP work

Bio-UP voor de agrarische sector

Biogas consists mainly of methane (the main component of natural gas), CO2, sulfur compounds and water. The Bio-UP removes CO2, water and sulfur compounds without pressure from the biogas. After that, a quality check is performed and the typical scent of gas is added. Lastly, the gas is injected into the low pressure gas grid.

The CO2 is captured with a washing liquid. Through heating the washing liquid, the CO2 is released again. Then the process repeats itself.

Because the Bio-UP re-uses the liquid, there is a considerable saving in costs. The heat used by the Bio-UP for regeneration can be supplied with various fuels (wood, biogas, green gas, etc.) and reused for heating the digester. This keeps your operating costs low.

The benefits of Bio-UP

  • Fully automated and remotely controlled: you have little or no operating or maintenance work on it
  • High efficiency: all energy in your biogas is converted into green gas, with an interesting yield
  • Very low emissions to the environment: your company becomes considerably more sustainable and future-proof
  • Pressure-free system: safe, reliable and cost-effective
  • The installation is delivered ready-to-use in a container, with quick and flexible placement

More information

Would you like more information regarding this technology, or are you interested in implementing this technology on your company? Feel free to contact one of our consultants on +31 (0)570-667000, send an email to or visit the website

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