In fermentation, manure is brought into a heated tank. Bacteria break down the biomass and produce biogas. Green gas or green electricity / heat can be generated with biogas. In some cases it can be profitable to add other (co) products in addition to manure. In the past, corn and glycerine were widely used. nowadays, more and more waste streams are being used. Large farm digesters can generate up to 2 MW of electricity (enough for about 4,500 households). In addition to biogas, fermentation also creates digestate. Depending on the co-products used the digestate can still be used as manure.

A good mix of manure with other products is important for the profitability of fermentation, only when these other products are not too expensive and produce a lot of biogas. It is also important that the energy produced is properly deposited. When supplying electricity from a CHP, this means that the heat can be maximally supplied to a customer. Green gas must be supplied to a gas network at a short distance. A third option is to use the biogas directly as a heat source for a third party. This can be done, for example, by connecting to a Bio-HUB.

Is fermentation at your farm feasible? The biogas scan can help you find out!

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