Wood combustion

If you have a large heat demand, wood combustion and placing a wood boiler can be interesting. Wood boilers are also quickly profitable even without a subsidy.

The benifits of wood boilers are

  • Cheap heat
  • Interesting with a gas consumption of 30,000 m3 per year and up
  • No longer dependent on gas prices

The energy efficiency of a wood boiler is highly dependent on the type of wood, the shape of the wood, the amount of moisture in the wood and finally the installation used. To determine the financial return, it is important to know which biomass is available, how long the biomass has been or will be dried and whether a steady supply is and remains available.

A greatly varying type and shape of biomass over the years, requires a very flexible installation. A flexible installation does not achieve the maximum return from the biomass and requires a relatively high investment. When instead using i.e. wood chips or pellets with a stable supply, an automated installation with high efficiency is sufficient.

The process of wood combustion is made up of three steps

  1. Drying:          Moist evaporation
  2. Degassing:    The wood releases burnable gasses which in turn will be burnt
  3. Gasification: The charred wood will be burnt and (partly) turned into gas

Would you like to know if a wood boiler could be interesting for your company?

Before the wood can be turned into energy, the moisture in the wood must be evaporated. For this reason, the moisture content of the wood has a direct influence on the efficiency of the wood boiler.

With the online Wood Combustion Feasibility scan by CCS Energie-advies you can immediately determine whether a wood boiler is profitable in your situation.


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