BEST Energy CheckUp

BEST Energy CheckUp

The BEST Energy CheckUp initiative aims to help groups of entrepreneurs to collectively save energy and generate sustainable energy. Business parks are a natural starting point for our approach since corporate collectives can often be found on business parks. Other networks of entrepreneurs, like trade associations, offer great opportunities as well! As far as we are concerned every collective of entrepreneurs is suitable to start with the BEST Energy CheckUp. Is there no cooperation agreement realized yet on a particular business park, then with the BEST Energy CheckUp we will ensure that it will be realized.

Together with companies we identify the potential for energy saving and production. As a result, a calculation is done to assess the measures on their profitability for the complete business case. Finally the measures will be implemented at all the companies where applicable. In this project CCS Energie-advies is collaborating with TNO, and their large reaseach institute partners from Italy: ENEA and ASTER.

Financing of measures

Energy saving pays off in the long term! On the basis of this principle, it is quite possible to fund measures centrally with a term of 10 to 15 years. When applying collective measures, the business case for financiers is easily set up in order to accommodate everything from A to Z. In case you sign a contract with us with a corresponding duration, we could provide the necessary funding for the implementation as well. Here is where the entrepreneur immediately benefits from: sustainable business with lower energy costs, without investment!

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