SME Energy CheckUp

The SME Energy CheckUp is a great do-it-yourself scan for SME’s. To develop this scan, CCS joined forces with VNO-NCW midden and various other organisatons from Italy, Poland and Spain.

Insight in energy usage

By filling out the SME Energy CheckUp you immediately receive insight in your energy usage and a comparison between your usage and that of others within your sector. We devide your usage in categories, to let you know, for example how much percent of the energy you use for lighting. Moreover, apart from all energy saving advices, we will also provide you with legally approved measures which you can implement to increase the sustainability of your building.

For the Netherlands, the legally approved measures can be found here. These measure may differ for other countries however. For more information regarding your own country, please contact our team.

Direct offer from engineers

To get a quick insight in the cost of implementation, we have made things easier. After filling out the scan, you can directly get in touch with engineers in your area to request an offer.

More information or using the scan

On the website of SME Energy CheckUp a lot of information and useful downloads can be found. For information or a more thorough scan on location, please contact our team via +31 (0)570 667 000 or

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