Guidelines and energy saving

Guidelines and energy saving

Energy saving can be of great benifit to a company. In many cases the costs of measures are quickly paid back and you save a lot of money. In addition, you can avoid a fine as there are legal obligations for companies to provide insight into and apply energy saving measures. On this page you can read which regulations might apply to your company.

About EED

Since 2015 there is a directive on European level for Energy, the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). It obliges companies to carry out an energy audit every four years. The energy audit provides insight in your energy consumption and which measures could be implemented to save energy. The environmental service (omgevingsdienst) is the organization that monitors these companies. Therefore it is important to share your energy audit with your environmental service.

Not all companies are obligated to conduct an energy audit. As a company you are obligated to conduct an energy audit if:

  • 250 FTE or more are employed, OR
  • Your yearly turnover is more than €50 million AND you also have an annual balance sheet of more than €43 million.

Exceptions for the EED obligations are companies that:

  • participate in the Long-Term Agreement on Energy Efficiency (MJA3) or in the Long-Term Agreement on Energy Efficiency ETS (MEE);
  • are already European or internationally certified such as: ISO 50001, ISO 14001, LEED and BREEAM.

Would you like to save on your energy costs and meet the obligations of the EED? We can conduct an energy audit, make implementation plans and involve the competent authority! Please contact us via or +31 (0)570-667000

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