CCS Energie-advies on a reasearch mission to Algeria

CCS Energie-advies on a reasearch mission to Algeria

CCS Energie-advies focuses on sustainable energy, in the broadest sense of the word. But the company does more than that; CCS Energie-advies also has knowledge and expertise regarding waste processing and recycling. Ruurd van Schaik is our expert. The Dutch Embassy approached CCS Energie-advies for a fact-finding mission into the opportunities for business in the waste and environmental sector in Algeria. Together with Hans Breukelman from BreAd, Ruurd traveled to the country in North Africa on behalf of CCS Energie-advies. The gentlemen talked to entrepreneurs, ministries and civil servants.

It turned out there are steps to be taken in the area of ​​waste processing and recycling. A basic framework exists. The collection system and the waste is often deposited in a controlled manner. Many private companies invest in recycling. CCS Energie-advies took notice of a plastic recycling installation that would not be out of place in the Netherlands. Although the communal water treatment plants require modernization, a Heineken subsidiary has commissioned an ultra-modern water purification plant.

The conclusion that could be drawn from the fact-finding mission is that Algeria offers opportunities for business. The support from the Embassy and the Dutch government is essential here. Algeria is a centrally-managed country, which means that a lot is arranged through the government. Belgium and Germany have various Aid-and-Trade programs, with which they offer help and trade.

The report was presented to RVO and a delegation from the business community. Together with the embassy, ​​it will be examined to what extent it is possible to organize a trade mission, or to organize a Holland pavilion at a trade fair (Polutec).

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1 November 2018 / Author: Ing. Ruurd van Schaik

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