Innovative solar thermal project is started

Innovative solar thermal project is started

We have started a new European project on innovative solar thermal installations for the agricultural sector. We are investigating the technical and economic feasibility of solar thermal systems specially designed for the climate of Northwest Europe. Solar thermal installations in the Netherlands are often less profitable because they can only be operational for a few months a year. A conventional solar collector cannot generate heat when the outside temperature is too low. The system we are investigating already produces heat at low outside temperatures. This makes it possible to generate energy all year round.

Four test locations are being set up within the European project. In England, Belgium, Northern France and the Netherlands. At these locations we want to measure and optimize the operation of our innovative solar thermal system. In the Netherlands we are still looking for a test location at an agricultural company!

CCS can apply for SDE+ subsidy for solar thermal collectors. This is possible when your company uses 200 m² of collectors or when the gas consumption for hot water is 7500 m³. For more information, please contact our consultant Hanne Oosterhuis.

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21 February 2020 / Author: Ir. Hanne Oosterhuis

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