CCS wins Jan Terlouw Innovation Award 2021!

CCS wins Jan Terlouw Innovation Award 2021!

CCS Energie-advies wins the ‘Jan Terlouw Innovation Award 2021’ with the Bio-NP nitrogen stripper! This is an award for the most innovative and sustainable entrepreneur in the east region of the Netherlands. Out of three nominees, the winner was announced during the online event The Future of Us – The New World on October 8th. CCS’s Bio-NP eventually won the award. Jan Terlouw himself presented the prize to René Cornelissen, owner of CCS Energie-advies. Terlouw called the Bio-NP ‘a breakthrough in the nitrogen problem’ The Netherlands is currently facing.

View an impression of the event or watch the livestream recording below. From 02:28:00 CCS comes up, followed immediately by the presentation itself.

What does the Jan Terlouw Innovation Award 2021 entail?

In addition to the great honor of the award itself, CCS Energie-advies wins a check for €10,000. “The prize helps us in our mission and the technical support for reducing nitrogen deposition,” says René Cornelissen.

What does the Bio-NP do?

The Bio-NP nitrogen stripper is a technical installation that extracts the nitrogen from animal manure and fixes it in a bio-fertilizer. This means that the nitrogen from the animal manure no longer escapes into the air from storage or during spreading on the land. This reduces nitrogen losses and eutrophication emissions by 70%. In this way, the Bio-NP contributes significantly to the reduction of nitrogen deposition.

Check out the Bio-NP website for more information.

Schematische weergave van Bio-NP stikstofstripper

Schematic representation of nitrogen stripper. An extensive animation can be found on the Bio-NP website.

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