Excellent crop intake of Bio-NP products struvite and ammonium sulfate

Excellent crop intake of Bio-NP products struvite and ammonium sulfate

In manure refining with the Bio-NP, the excess nitrogen (N) and phosphate (P) from manure are removed. In concentrated form they are separated as struvite (N and P) and / or ammonium sulphate (N) and removed. All other nutrients and organic matter can are then free to be used locally to a maximum potential. The ammonium sulphate produced is a fertilizer and has a proven effect. In a series of planting experiments with the University of Warsaw it has now been demonstrated that the formed struvite has excellent fertilising value for maize and grass on different soil types.

Struvite (MgNH4PO4.6H2O) is an N and P fertilizer. The intake of N and P by corn and grass was tested by measuring the nutrient intake of plants on sandy soil and clay soil. In addition, the administration of struvite (STR) was compared with the administration of struvite supplemented with ammonium sulfate (STR + N), the administration of ammonium phosphate fertilizer (AF) and not a blank experiment without the application of fertilizers. The plant yield was significantly higher for STR and STR + N than when no fertilizer was administered. STR + N is even equivalent to the administration of AF (P <0.05). The nitrogen intake from struvite is also high. On average, 68% of the applied nitrogen from STR and STR + N is taken up by the corn against 78% in the AF experiments. In the case of grass, 62% is recorded at 52% in the case of AF. The uptake of phosphate in plants on STR and STR + N was lower (7.3% for maize and 4.8% for grass) than for AF (18.4% for maize and 8.1% for grass). The unabsorbed phosphate from struvite remains in the soil and remains available for plant uptake at a later date. This makes struvite an interesting fertilizer for crop rotation in which alternation of high and low phosphate demand within the fertilizer legislation can be controlled.

The excellent application possibilities of struvite, especially in grass on sandy soil, make Bio-NP products extremely suitable for use in agriculture, with which a full circular utilization of valuable nutrients is achieved.

More information? If you have any questions about manure refining or the use of struvite or ammonium sulphate (Bio-NP products), please contact Dr. Gijs van Pruissen on +31 (0)570 – 667 000 or sending en email to vanpruissen@cocos.nl.

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