EXPO Biogaz great success

EXPO Biogaz great success

France is currently teh frontrunner when it comes to biogas. For example, a new fermentation plant is put into operation almost once a week. Many of these digesters are equipped with a biogas engine that produces green electricity and heat, but more and more plants are upgrading biogas to natural gas quality. This green gas is then pumped into the gas network, or can be used as a transport fuel (CNG). The city of Lille shows that there are many possibilities here: all buses there run on CNG. At this rate, it will not be long before there are more gas upgrading plants in France than in Germany and the Netherlands combined.

EXPO BiogazDutch stand at EXPO Biogaz

France is therefore a growth market par excellence. This prompted the Dutch embassy to participate in a country pavilion at the Expo Biogaz in Lille. CCS Energie-advies was invited by the embassy to give a presentation. The Dutch stand gave companies the opportunity to show themselves to the French market. A symposium was also attached to the expo, where companies could further explain their technologies to visitors.

CCS presented two technologies at the Expo Biogaz. The Bio-UP gas upgrading technology was shown together with the system for mono-manure fermentation on a farm scale. Both technologies fit well with the French market, because there are many farms of a size that match these two technologies.


CCS has developed the fermentation technology together with MST. The technology is already being used in several places in the Netherlands. The Bio-UP is the result of a collaboration with Greenmac. In the Netherlands there is now one Bio-UP in use and two are currently under construction. CCS intends to use these technologies, together with its partners, to enter the market, with the emphasis on the Benelux and France.

In view of the ambitions of the French government to have all natural gas replaced by biogas in 2050, the invitation from the Dutch embassy to CCS was a valuable opportunity. By already showing French companies what opportunities there are in the field of biogas, facorable collaborations may possibly arise in the years to come.

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5 July 2019 / Author: Ing. Ruurd van Schaik

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