Feeding in green gas: project Biogas I

Feeding in green gas: project Biogas I

Invoeding groen gasWe are proud to announce that the import of green gas has started at project Biogas I. Last November we already reported that the work in Lutten had been completed. At that time, the production of biogas was slowly starting. At this point, the installation has been running properly for a while. This means that we can start feeding green gas into the local gas network.

The dairy farm of Erik Back is producing the gas by means of our own Bio-UP. Biogas is being extracted from the manure produced by the farm though mono-manure fermentation. The biogas is upgraded to green gas with the Bio-UP. This upgrade makes it possible to inject green gas directly into the local gas network. The dairy farm thus becomes a kind of energy producer! This not only allows Back to add a new source of income, but it also reduces CO2 emissions. The Dutch agriculture can gradually become more and more sustainable through the use of the manure fermentation and our Bio-UP. When farmers start supplying energy, they also contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands.


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20 December 2019 / Author: Dr. Ir. René Cornelissen

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