Hoge Hexel: largest mono-manure digester in The Netherlands!

Hoge Hexel: largest mono-manure digester in The Netherlands!

Another big step in the field of green energy! On November 1st, 2021, we will wrap up the Biogas Hoge Hexel project.

In collaboration with pig farm Tijs from Hoge Hexel, The Netherlands, we built a farm-scale digester. This installation on the property of the Tijs family is the largest farm-scale mono-manure digester in the Netherlands. The input for the fermentation process consists of the company’s own pig manure. This is supplemented with pig manure from four nearby farms. The installation produces about 40m³ of green gas per hour. That equates to 3,200 MWh annually. The upgraded green gas is fed into the nearby natural gas network. This makes the production and supply of green energy from the farm a fact! In addition to the climate goals, farmers also contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands through this way of supplying energy.

Heat pump replaces wood chip installation

The installation was built next to the pig farm and uses a Bio-Up. The special feature of this installation is that there’s a heat pump connected to it. Previously, a wood chip installation was used for this. The heat pump uses the heat from the pigsty to keep the digester at the right temperature. This innovation makes the fermentation and biogas production process even more sustainable.

Biogas Hoge Hexel and Future Biogas

Biogas Hoge Hexel is the second major collaborative project of CCS Energie-advies in the field of fermentation and biogas production. In 2019 we built the Biogas I Partnership in Lutten, renamed Future Biogas as of 2021. This is a comparable installation, but specifically for cattle manure. This installation is currently already supplying plenty of green gas to the gas network.

Working on making the agricultural sector more sustainable

CCS Energie-advies’ vision is to make mono-manure fermentation a standard solution in the future. Biogas Hoge Hexel contributes to that goal. CCS strives for a future in which all (larger) livestock farms ferment their own manure. This is not only financially interesting for Dutch livestock farmers, but also helps to make the Dutch agricultural sector more sustainable. As an indication: the 21,000 tons of pig manure that the installation in Hoge Hexel will ferment per year, avoids a total of approx. 1000 tons of CO₂ emissions per year. When we start fermenting manure on a national scale, the influence on Dutch CO₂ emissions is therefore very large.

More information on biogas or the project in Hoge Hexel?

Our specialists are happy to explain the possibilities for your company. For more information about Biogas Hoge Hexel or the possibilities of manure fermentation, feel free to contact us.

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