Learn to farm Green!

Learn to farm Green!

The kick-off of PLANET took place in Turin on the 19th of March. The objective of project PLANET is the development of an interactive teaching method in the field of sustainable energy in the agricultural sector. This includes solar energy, fermentation (biogas) and manure processing and combustion of solid biomass (e.g. wood).

The project

PLANET was set up due to a demand for educational programs in the field of sustainability in the agricultural sector. The ERASMUS+ program of the European Union has provided a budget for setting up PLANET as a European cooperation project. Ultimately, nine interest groups, consultancies and universities from France, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands were prepared to participate in the PLANET project for the next three years.

The interactive educational program will focus on a broad target group consisting of farmers (with and without plans for sustainable energy applications), students, trainers and consultants. For all these target groups tailor-made learning packages will be developed which meet the specific demand of the target group. Depending on the need, the teaching package will consist of technical issues, maintenance, data analysis, daily work, financial aspects, logistics and legislation.

After developing and testing the teaching packages, PLANET will presents the courses to interested parties. Participants can choose which modules to follow. In addition to the (applied) theoretical part, a large part of practical lessons is also offered. In this way all aspects are discussed. By following one or more PLANET courses, participants (e.g. managers, operators of biogas installations) can detect process issues earlier, optimize input (power supply), improve the performance of an installation and reduce the maintenance costs.

CCS Energie-advies will specifically focus on the development of the educational program for the manure fermentation and processing sector. Because of the many contacts with the agricultural sector, we try to find the needs of the stakeholders and the demand for specific learning purposes. By discovering where knowledge is needed, the right teaching methods can be effectively applied in in field. Through this we work together towards a green agricultural sector.

For more information about PLANET’s educational program please contact Knillis van der Burg on +31 (0)570 – 667 000/+31 (0)6 – 3021 8882 or send an e-mail to vanderburg@ccsenergieadvies.nl

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16 April 2018 / Author: Knillis van der Burg MSc

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