Noord Deurningen supplies local biogas

Noord Deurningen supplies local biogas

More than two years ago, in July 2017, we posted a message on the site saying that the construction of the biogas network in Noord Deurningen (the Netherlands) had started. Now we can proudly say that the network has been supplying gas to two customers for several months.

The “IJskoud” (Ice Cold) energy cooperative which consists of six dairy farmers supply together enough biogas to replace more than 1 million cubic meters of natural gas. By comparison, an average Dutch household uses about 1,500 cubic meters of natural gas per year. A cow provides enough manure per year to produce about 900 cubic meters of biogas. This is comparable to 600 cubic meters of natural gas. The dairy farmers have all built their own mono-manure digester to make this possible. In addition, they have adapted their stables for fresh manure. These digesters use fresh manure and the raw biogas goes directly to the customers. This direct sale is possible due to the eight kilometers of new gas pipeline, which has been laid in collaboration with Cogas Duurzaam. The main advantage of this setup is that it not only generates sustainable energy by producing biogas, but also reduces methane emissions from the farms. In this way, the project a double effect sustainable effect.

The first customer has already been able to purchase biogas for a number of months through which their steam boiler now runs sustainably. A second customer joined the initiative last month. CCS hopes to welcome more producers and customers in the near future who want to join the project in Noord Deurningen.

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