Progress project Biogas I ‘Manure fermentation and green gas production’

Progress project Biogas I ‘Manure fermentation and green gas production’

After the official launch, theproject has gained momentum! Within the next week, excavations will start for the construction of a mono-manure digester and a before and after storage tank. When the contractor has finished the excavation work, MST from Tiel will start the foundations for the tanks.

The goal of the project is the fermentation of more than 20,000 tons of cattle manure (mono-manure fermentation) annually and pumping the produced green gas into the local gas network. The green gas is produced from biogas through an innovative gas washing installation: the Bio-UP. The Bio-UP is expected to be operational in June of this year.

By fermenting the intended amount of cattle manure, a reduction of 1300 tons of CO2 emissions is accomplished. In addition to a major increase in sustainability, dairy farming is becoming a net energy supplier. In this way, the agricultural sector contributes significantly to the energy transition.

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28 March 2019 / Author: Knillis van der Burg MSc

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