Publication on duckweed

Publication on duckweed

One of CCS’ pillars is to contribute to making the Dutch agriculture more sustainable. This immediately brings to mind the term ‘circular agriculture’. What could then be better than to also make a direct contribution to nitrogen reduction?

After all, fresh manure can be fermented on livestock farms. The digestate from the digester is then separated into thin and thick fractions. Part of the thin fraction feeds the duckweed pond while the rest goes through the Bio-NP nitrogen stripper. The duckweed that is harvested from this can again be used as fodder for livestock.

Our own Dr. René Cornelissen, Dr. Gijs van Pruissen and Marcin Sonta have written an article about the use of duckweed within this process of circular agriculture.  This was published last week by the scientific journal Energies. Of course we are very proud of this and we are happy to share it with you.

The full article can be read here!

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