Successful energy-saving study at Hogeslag-Olst

Successful energy-saving study at Hogeslag-Olst

Hogeslag-Olst is a company that processes beef carcasses into meat. The company therefore has to deal with an environmental permit, which includes an energy-saving study. Hogeslag-Olst wanted to use that research to look in a critical and innovative way at how they could save energy. Because such an investigation takes a lot of time, Hogeslag-Olst has asked CCS Energie-advies to carry out the study. Hogeslag: “Our environmental permit obliges us to conduct an energy-saving study. For this we were looking for a practical party, so that we could continue implement the results afterwards.” The research aims to find measures that are both profitable and technically feasible and that increase the energy efficiency of the company. There was only a surprising challenge involved.

The company is located in the building that used to house the largest pig slaughterhouse in the Netherlands. Because Hogeslag-Olst set different requirements for the building, the entire cooling installation, for example, was completely replaced two years ago. The new cooling system is smaller and more modern, which means that it uses less energy. In addition, the entire office on the 2nd floor has also been renovated, for example. This floor meets the current standards of insulation, heat recovery and air conditioning. It was a challenge for the CCS specialists to find measures that could still be taken. Fortunately we succeeded! You shouldn’t think of major new changes, but of replacing the thermal labels of the beef carcasses. As a result, the cooling installation works more efficiently, so that less energy is used.

Make it specific

The approach of our study is always the same. We want to make the results specific in an insightful way, so that companies really benefit from our work. We do this by immediately giving an indication of the investment, the savings and the ROI time of the various measures. In addition, we also bring companies into contact with specialized parties who can help them with specific or unknown measures. We hope this helps companies to get started on making their business more sustainable. This is not only good for the environment, but also always saves costs!

We were able to conclude this study in a very positive way. Fortunately, Hogeslag-Olst agrees with us: “The collaboration with CCS Energie-advies was very pleasant. The study results have given us many tools to further limit our energy consumption.” Despite the fact that the company had already taken the biggest steps, we could still contribute to further sustainability.

Does your company also have to deal with an energy-saving study? Then contact our experts! It does not matter whether many measures have already been taken or almost none yet, together we make a plan that suits your company.

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10 December 2020 / Author: Dr. Ir. René Cornelissen

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