Biogas Action


Biogas Action

Biogas Action is a European cooperation project under the Horizon2020 program. In terms of activities, it partly overlaps with BioEnergy Farm II. The most important cases from BioEnergy Farm II are continued under the banner of Biogas Action.

In the Netherlands, CCS Energie-advies is a partner in Biogas Action. In addition, the project is formed by 12 other parties from among others; Denmark, Germany and France.

The objective of Biogas Action is to stimulate the biogas sector in Europe. The ultimate result of this is a higher biogas production in the participating countries, and beyond.

The Netherlands

A number of interest areas in the Netherlands that are being focussed on. The first is to maintain and strengthen the biogas sector. For this, we cooperate with Groengas Nederland.
In addition, individual biogas projects are supported. We can support at the level of feasibility research, but also support projects that are more advanced and, for example, need support in financing.
We also offer support for existing installations that wish to optimize biogas production.

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