Biogas-HUB Noord-Deurningen 


Biogas-HUB Noord-Deurningen 

In early 2015, CCS Energie-advies delivered a final design for the biogas-HUB in Noord Deurningen. This was the last part of the feasibility study into possibilities of making Noord Deurningen and its surroundings more sustainable.

The gas from the HUB is used for the heating of business processes where natural gas is currently being used. By largely replacing the natural gas with biogas, the environmental impact of these companies will decrease considerably. Furthermore, a nice regional cash flow is created because the farmers produce the gas and sell it to companies in the area.

CCS is also involved in the further development and realization of the project. Here we are responsible for the integration of the digesters on the farm and optimizing the heat management of the digesters. CCS is also intensively involved in the other processes such as establishingof the energy supplier cooperation or the use of the raw biogas.

For more information about this project, please visit the website of Stichting Noord Deurningen. To inquire whether such a plan can also be realized in your area, please contact one of our consultants via +31 (0)570-667000 or

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