Greendalfermentation Dalfsen


Greendalfermentation Dalfsen

CCS has, together with Mr. Huisman, developed the project for Green Valley fermentation in Dalfsen. The project concerns a fermentation plant with a processing capacity of approximately 50,000 tons. Digestate is converted to 11.575.200 kWh green electricity (= approx. 3,300 households, more than the 3,065 from the Dalfsen central area), nitrogen-rich fertilizer, export-worthy fertilizer and a fertilizer for arable farming with the good NPK ratio. In addition, algae are produced that convert digestate into a valuable product. This makes high-quality products from waste products.

CCS guided the project from cradle to realization. It concerns the design, arranging financing, supporting the choice process of suppliers and products, construction supervision and so forth. Developing a project from beginning to end. Both the Province of Overijssel and the TKI-Green Gas have confidence in the future-proof design of the installation which shows, seeing the given support. The project is built in phases. The first phase started in November 2014. The construction of the second phase has begun. The expectation is that this fermentation plant will be delivered and start production by  the middle 2015. Greendalfermentation – fermentation installation:
• 3 silos of 4000 m³ each with integrated biogas storage
• Solid dust input system
• 2 CHPs with a total capacity of approx. 2.3 MW with a heat recovery system
• Nitrogen strip installation
• Drying tape • Pasteurisation
• Separation installation
• Hall
• Algae pond
• Algae separation system

Biogas plant Apeldoorn

At the request of LTO Apeldoorn, CCS carried out a feasibility study into the possibilities of a 36,000-ton biogas plant. In this study, CCS set up and worked out the basic design of the installation. Subsequently, the license and the subsidy have been applied for.

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