Sustainable cooling and heating in the Crystal house, PC Hooftstraat.


Sustainable cooling and heating in the Crystal house, PC Hooftstraat.

The Crystal House in the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam really appeals to the imagination. The facade of the building, in which the luxury fashion house Chanel is located, has the same allure as the brand. The first two floors of the building are entirely made of glass bricks, which makes the facade look like crystal. This architectural masterpiece of the Winny Maas is also equipped with a sustainable climate solution designed by CCS to cool the building during the summer and to heat it in the winter.

Store heat in the soil

Due to the large light and heat invasion via the glass facade, the building becomes so hot in the summer that there is a need for cooling. The heat is transferred to into the ground in the summer and stored there. For which 9 loops have been drilled in the ground to a depth of 170 meters. In winter, the heat is transferred back through the building, heating both the store and the apartments above. Extra heating of the central heating water is done with heat pumps, to maintain an optimal temparature at all times.

Energy saving

An additional advantage is that the heat pump is also used for cooling in the summer. An ideal combination that leads to this sustainable climate system. The installation saves 3000 m3 of natural gas per year and also another 7,500 kWh of electricity.
Another advantage is that the traditional cooling system with condenser, which often dumps the heat in the environment with the necessary noise, is avoided. In conclusion The climate system is not just a sustainable solution, but it also ensures less noise pollution.
This unique system is an example in the industry, making Crystal house an absolute forerunner.

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