Solar parks

Developing solar parks with CCS

Farmers are aggressively approached by project developers who want to realize solar parks on their agricultural land. In addition, high amounts are offered for land rental and an (optional) contract is immediately pushed. Once drawn, the benefits of the solar park flows directly to the project developer.

It is clear that there is money to be made with the generation of solar energy. At CCS we would like to get that benefit to the farmer and the local residents as much as possible. But you don’t develop a solar park alone. The risks and investment are usually too great. We like to develop a solar park together and with local partners and investors. This has several advantages. It naturally creates support for the development. The local residents who bear the “burden” of such a solar park also have the opportunity to take benefits of it. We also see that municipalities prefer to give the licensing procedures to locally developed projects.

If you, a farmer, develop a solar park together with CCS then we will make sure you will get great advantages. You can still get the high rental amounts (for example, € 5,000 per hectare). You retain control of the project (if desired), it is possible to be a partial owner of the park and also to remain involved in the operation. Instead of giving away all rights, control and benefits, you become part in the local energy landscape.

When is developing a solar park interesting?

  • You farm on poor soil with low crop yields per hectare;
  • You have no business succession and are approaching retirement age; (securing fixed income for the next 15 years)
  • You want to reduce the labor intensity of your company; (more time for other matters)
  • You are happy to take part in the transition to a sustainable energy supply.

The possibilities

Much depends on your location, the provincial policies and the municipal policies. This can influence the possibility that a permit will be obtained. After that, an Dutch SDE subsidy is crucial in the operation of a solar park. We are happy to go through the entire process with you. Contact our advisors now and explore the possibilities.

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