Scans and Tools

Scans and Tools

Development of scans or tools

One of the specialties of CCS Energie-advies is the development of scans and tools in the field of energy. The vision of CCS Energie-advies is that a user gains insight into the extent to which sustainable energy or energy saving is feasible and it is profitable to implement a solution or take energy-saving measures, through the use of a scan or tool.

A number of in-house developed scans and tools can be found under ‘Online Scans’ in the selection menu above.

Scans and tools for third parties

CCS Energie-advies has developed various scans and tools for third parties. If you wish to develop a scan or tool, it would be our pleasure to help you work it out.

For more information, please contact us at +31 (0)570-667000 or via

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