CHP scan

CHP scan

Combined Heat and Power

Do you have both a large heat demand and an electricity demand? Perhaps a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is something for you! A CHP is a gas engine that drives a generator which at the same time produces heat.

Using the CHP scan below you will know within three minutes how much you could save on your energy bill. Based on a few simple questions, the scan gives you quick insight into the financial feasibility of a CHP.

The scan was developed for the built environment and is only suitable for gas consumption higher than 100,000 Nm³ per year. If you are interested in applying a CHP in the industry, please contact us directly via, or call us at +31 (0)570-667000. We will then conduct a free exploratory scan.

Using the scan

If your organisation is a hospital or other healthcare institution and you do not know the exact amount of energy you use, please use the following values ​​as basic assumptions.

Healthcare institutions can use the following average values ​​for energy use, converted into values ​​per place (based on data from AgentschapNL):
– Gas consumption: 2401 Nm3 per year per site
– Electricity peak hours: 4094 kWh per year per site
– Off-peak electricity: 2729 kWh per year per site

Hospitals can assume the following values ​​per bed:
– Gas consumption: 2521 Nm3 per year per bed
– Electricity peak hours: 6815 kWh per year per bed
– Off-peak electricity: 4544 kWh per year per bed

CHP scan

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