Built Environment

Built Environment

Saving energy and sustainable production in the built environment

In the first version of the climate agreement it has already been agreed to emit 49% less CO2 by 2030 compared to 1990. By 2050 all generated energy has to be sustainable. CCS Energie-advies advises companies, governments and organizations in the built environment, by taking the right measures to save energy and generate energy in a sustainable way.

Do you comply with the law?

It is advised to keep a close eye on the developments of the legal obligations concerning energy. Statuary obligations that relate to energy include the European Energy Directive (EED) and having an energy label on your property.

The EED focuses on providing insight into and implementing the recognized measures. These are energy saving measures that have a recouping time within five years. Would you like to save energy and prevent fines, our advisers can help you. Our consultants are certified in energy labels certificates for utility buildings and can help you create and improve the energy label.

Energy advice

When companies have a sustainable wish, often a lot of expertise is needed to fulfill that wish. CCS Energie-advies would like to help you to create a sustainable reality with an energy advice tailored to your needs!


Sustainable heat

In the Netherlands there is a lot of movement in the field of heat . This is partly due to the Dutch government and it’s wish to “van het gas af gaan” (“get rid of natural gas”). We are happy to help you, to fill in your heat demand in a innovative way. There are countless solutions possible, like heat pumps, sewage heat or biomass.  In addition you could also use biogas, which can be produced by local farmers by fermentation.


Collective sustainability

There are unique opportunities on business parks, in trade associations or other networks of entrepreneurs. There are many entreprenerus with a common location and similar business processes. In the project BEST Energy CheckUp, CCS is collaborating with TNO(NL) and ENEA(IT) and ASTER(IT) to use these networks of entrepeneurs in order to realize energy savings. For this we developed a comprehensive approach, which runs from the first contact with the initiator, till the realisations of both individual and collective measures.

Online Scans

CCS has developed various online scans. These scans are designed to advise you as efficiently as possible. For the built environment we developed the SME Energy CheckUp. Here you can receive insight into the energy consumptions of your business as well as possibilities to lower it.

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