De Green Factory

De Green Factory

The Dutch government has the ambition to be energy-neutral by 2050. In order to achieve this, steps are needed. Businesses and industry form part of the energy system. Therefore, it is important for them to pay attention to these ambitions. They consume large amounts of electricity and heat. The Green Factory is an initiative to shape the energy transition of business estates and industrial areas. CCS Energie-advies is part of the consortium of “De Groene Fabriek” (The Green Factory) which focusses on investigating and realizing promising opportunities with a major impact.

According to CCS, the largest energy gains are not at individual company level, but are cross-company. Local authorities must work together with companies to arrive at a collective approach aiming at the long term. The canal area in Lochem is pilot for this approach. The local initiatives will be supervised and implemented. During the elaboration of the business cases of the canal area in Lochem, generic lessons on the cooperation between government and entrepreneurs in the field of spatial planning and energy transition can also be visualized.

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18 October 2018 / Author: Dr. Ir. René Cornelissen

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