CCS participates in GEAR@SME project

CCS participates in GEAR@SME project

CCS Energie-advies participates in a new European project! The GEAR@SME project focuses on accelerating the energy transition for business parks.

The approach

To achieve this, the project aims to target SMEs in four countries: Germany, Italy, Romania and the Netherlands. The project is based on four pillars:


That sounds a little complicated. GEAR@SME wants to activate companies by seeking cooperation with local trusted parties, such as the entrepreneurs’ association. In cooperation with the trusted partner, SME segments are selected and specifically informed about the advantages of taking action in the field of energy.  Organising means bringing companies together and also involving suppliers of services and products. GEAR@SME takes the initiative to connect these parties. For GEAR@SME, enabling means sharing information. Suppliers, SMEs and trusted partners will all have access to the necessary information to take the initiative or find help.

Finally, GEAR@SME wants to integrate this approach of activating, organising and enabling in every local context. This means that the interventions will be tailored to the local context. We map this out through interviews with trusted partners, suppliers, SME’s and other stakeholders.

Our Role

CCS Energie-advies has a lot of knowledge about the energy transition on business parks. That is why we are closely involved in the project. We will play an important role right from the start of the project. After all, we are going to carry out the pilot in the Netherlands. We will test the four-part approach to see if it works. To bring this to a successful conclusion, we are working with two partners in the Netherlands: TNO and Stichting Clok. Both partners have extensive knowledge in the field of energy transition and cooperate with SMEs. With this knowledge at our disposal, we have full confidence in the pilot!

What can you expect from us in the coming period? The GEAR@SME project will last 30 months in total. We will start the project in September. Incidentally, we have been working on the project proposal from an early stage, even as early as August 2019! So why are we only now letting us know about this great project? Because at the end of May, all partners signed the consortium agreement. This means that everything is now set to go green for a start in September 2020. And we are quite proud of that!


Do you work for the municipality or do you have an organising role within a business park in the Netherlands? And do you agree with the approach of GEAR@SME? Before the start in September, we are still looking for possible locations for our pilot. For more information about this project you can always contact us.

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