Living without gas through the use of torrefied biomass


Living without gas through the use of torrefied biomass

With a view to reducing gas production, and what this will mean in practice, CCS has entered into a partnership with Klinkenberg, a builder of biomass heating boilers, and Biolake, who makes a demo installation for torrefaction available. Together with them CCS works on solutions to also use residual flows that are released during the processing of biomass for energy generation.

CCS believes in heating networks based on biomass boilers (including wood). By torrefying the residual streams of biomass, a kind of roasting, fuel pellets can be made. As a result, these residual streams are more uniform in terms of combustion properties and can be better introduced into a boiler.

CCS has been supporting Klinkenberg and BioLake for several years in drawing up the process design, the mass and energy balance and the business case of torrefaction. By means of an MIT subsidy from the province of Noord-Holland, further research is being done into the torrefaction properties and the control of the torrefaction process in order to make a consistent quality of fuel pellet in an energy-efficient manner.

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