Certification of expertise obtained from the ministry

Certification of expertise obtained from the ministry

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is setting up a group of external experts. For the selection they looked at companies with experience and expertise on the Dutch law on environmental conservation. The aim of this group is to provide additional services that deal with the energy saving obligation and another obligation on providing information about the progress of taking energy saving measures.  According to the ministry, these are companies that have proven to have extensive expertise in this area. These companies would then receive the ‘recognition Infomil’ certification.

Our experience

We are proud to say that CCS is one of those companies! For example, we have helped more than 200 companies to comply with the information obligation. In addition, we have trained external consultants to provide these services. We have also helped environmental services to become familiar with energy saving measures. We have convinced the ministry with our work in the field of energy saving and the help we offer companies in meeting the obligation to provide information about the progress of energy saving measures.

Because we have received this ‘recognition Infomil’ certification, we are now allowed to perform a number of tasks. E.g. services such as conducting administrative research for the energy saving obligation. Municipalities and environmental services can also make use of the expertise of the companies that have received the certification. The additional work and reinforcement should bring the climate goals for 2020 closer. In addition, Dutch entrepreneurs can be better supported in this way in implementing energy saving measures.

We hope that we can use this certification to make the Netherlands sustainable even faster! We are also happy to make our expertise available to companies. Do you want help to comply with the the laws and regulations regarding saving energy and sustainability? For example, does your company still have to comply with the obligation to provide information, prepare an implementation plan for recognized measures, do you need an energy performance certificate? CCS can help out! Please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our information pages about energy performance certificates, EED energy audits or the information obligation.

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2 March 2020 / Author: Yannick Baay

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